BTS Jimin’s Ripped Thighs Aren’t The Only Body Part That’s Strong AF

No one can challenge him when he’s putting it to use.

Ever since BTS‘s debut, Jimin‘s muscular body has turned heads. Years later, he’s still known for his ripped thighs that will forever be iconic. Still, there’s another body part that deserves attention for its strength as well.

While his backside is known for being one of the fullest among male idols, it’s just as impressive in strength from a funny challenge in Rookie King.

For the task of breaking chopsticks with his butt, everyone hoped they wouldn’t be chosen. Jimin was the lucky one who ended up with the skull card.

The first attempt didn’t go as well as you’d think. As Jimin tried to snap the chopsticks, they just didn’t want to break. All the members burst into laughter over his struggle, V clapping from how amusing it was.

With all their eyes on him, Jimin decided to give it a second try. It played out just as unsuccessful as the first. By then, they were talking about how embarrassing it looked. That’s when Jimin surprised them all.

As everyone single one of them sported expressions of complete shock, Jimin succeeded in breaking all of the chopsticks with his backside. Jin couldn’t help but clap. It’s true when they say the third time’s the charm.

Jimin even struck his iconic winning pose from how proud he was of his strong backside. His thighs definitely have some competition in the strength department.

Check out the Jimin not only surprising them all with his strength but winning the challenge here.