BTS’s Jimin Is Falling For Model RM, And Honestly, Same

ARMYs understand how he feels!

Who needs professional models when you have BTS‘s RM? According to Jimin, they’re one and the same!

Prior to becoming Louis Vuitton ambassadors and modeling for the Men’s F/W 2021 Fashion Show, Jimin had never seen professional models in real life. However, it seemed he knew one all along!

This is my first time seeing models in person. They’re cool, but what surprised me more is that Namjoon is just as cool.

— Jimin

According to Jimin, it’s no secret that RM’s tall and chic body proportions rival those of even the pros.

However, RM completely disagreed. He actually thought the camera made him look shorter.

I look really short on camera at the moment. It’s such a shame.

— RM

His humility came from being around the tall models who were around 10 cm taller than him.

It’s okay, RM — Many of the members like Jungkook didn’t want to shoot with the models due to their amazing stature.

However, humble RM couldn’t be further from the truth. When it came time to shoot, he looked like a true model!

He dismissed Jimin’s compliment, but we all know the truth!

Jimin probably saw me through a filter.

— RM

Watch the full video below!