Jimin “Saved” V From Falling Off The Stage At BTS’s Seoul Concert

Jimin was V’s real-life Anpanman…sort of.

When was in danger, “Anpanman” Jimin came to his rescue…or did he?


On October 26, BTS launched their 3-day concert, Speak Yourself [The Final], at Seoul Olympic stadium. Fans were in for many surprises, like Jungkook‘s arm tattoo, V’s fallen angel look, and Jimin’s heroics!


During “So What”, V perched at the stage’s edge to film ARMY. Suddenly, he semed to slip and lose his balance…


…but Jimin stopped him from falling.


V turned around and pulled Jimin into a big hug…


…but Jimin’s the reason why V needed saving in the first place. Jimin nudged V with his knee then he reached out to catch him!


Pranks aside, BTS can always count on each other to save the day!


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