BTS’s Jimin Shares How Traveling With The Members Makes Him Feel Inside

Other members feel the same way too.

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS gathered around the table for dinner after a long day of exploring the grand nature in New Zealand.


After filling their bellies with hearty food and sharing a few soju shots, members shared feelings about their first night in New Zealand — and Jimin, who traveled around the world during his vacation time, had a profound realization.

I think I find this the most comforting…

— Jimin


Jimin shared that he feels the most relaxed when he is with his members, no matter where they are.

You know I traveled a lot… and with a lot of people. But this makes me feel most at home.

— Jimin


The rest of BTS members also agreed with Jimin and chimed in that they feel the same way. They concluded that their decade of training and working together has given them a bond that is absolutely irreplaceable and made the members inseparable.

Suga: Of course! We’ve been together for 10 years…
Jimin: Exactly, it is inevitable. I feel most like me right now.
RM: That’s what time can do.
Jimin: I feel like I’m right where I belong.


And ARMYs, upon hearing this, couldn’t be happier to know that the members find comfort and peace from one another!

Watch the heartwarming part here: