BTS’s Jimin And Song Joong Ki Rocked The Same Louis Vuitton Suit But Served Totally Different Vibes

Jimin and Song Joong Ki both look so handsome in this suit!

BTS‘s Jimin and actor Song Joong Ki are both talented, gorgeous, and super fashionable!

BTS’s Jimin | BTS/Weverse
Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Both Song Joong Ki and Jimin wore a pink suit from Louis Vuitton‘s Spring-Summer 2022 collection in magazine photoshoots recently. They both wore the Slit Trousers ($1,230 USD). Jimin wore the Hook Detail Gilet ($2,080 USD) with his pants while Song Joong Ki wore the Hook Detail Jacket ($3,750 USD).

| Louis Vuitton

Jimin wore the suit in the January 2022 editions of GQ Korea and Vogue Korea. These issues were the magazines’ first-ever collaborations with each other. All the members were decked out in Louis Vuitton for their photoshoots.


| Vogue Korea

Jimin wore his gilet and trousers with a pink turtleneck and white sneakers.

| Naver

Jimin served whimsical vibes in his suit.

| Watermelon Suga/YouTube

The lighting on set highlighted the hot pink color of the suit and added a hint of playfulness to the look while still preserving Jimin’s high fashion vibe.

| Naver

Song Joong Ki wore his Louis Vuitton suit during his photoshoot for the March 2022 edition of Vogue Man Hong Kong.

| Vogue Man Hong Kong

Like Jimin, he wore a pink turtleneck with his trousers. However, he opted for a full suit jacket instead of a gilet. Whereas Jimin wore white sneakers with his suit, Song Joong Ki was barefoot.

| @voguehongkong/Instagram

Song Joong Ki served broody, high fashion vibes in his pink suit. While Jimin’s set lighting highlighted the hot pink color of the suit, Song Joong Ki’s lighting made the vibrant pink look more understated and added a moodier vibe to his photos.

| Vogue Man Hong Kong

While Jimin and Song Joong Ki served different vibes in their suits, they both looked amazing!

Same Fit, Different Vibes

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