BTS’s Suga Reveals The “Funny” Thing Jimin Used To Draw In His Notebook

This shows how dedicated Jimin is.

BTS‘s Jimin is known for his incredible work ethic, and the members have praised it many times throughout the years.

In episode 130 of Run BTS!, Suga spoke briefly about something from the past that shows how hard a worker Jimin is.

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s Suga

During the episode, the members laughed when remembering Jimin’s haircut from his trainee days.

After talking about this, Jimin said that there were other cases where the members laughed at him.

Suga then brought up that Jimin used to have a “funny” notebook.

When Suga brought this up, J-Hope knew exactly what he was talking about. In this notebook, Jimin would draw every part of their choreographies and would use it to help himself with dancing!

Jimin is quite a dedicated person!

BTS’s Jimin
Source: Naver Live