BTS’s Jimin Was Ready To “Throw Hands” After Suga Teased Him

Jimin got cut off by the staff!

BTS‘s Suga can be quite the jokester, and one member he loves teasing is Jimin!

Suga teased Jimin in an episode of Run BTS!, and Jimin was ready to “throw hands!”

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s Suga

BTS recently collaborated with tvN‘s The Game Caterers for Run BTS! A game they played was “Figure Quiz,” which is a game frequently played on the variety show New Journey to the West. In the game, the members had to quickly name the celebrities shown to them. Jimin had a tough time with this game, and one celebrity he wasn’t able to identify quickly was soccer player Son Heung Min. Jimin’s fellow members couldn’t help but tease him after this!

Even after the game ended, the teasing didn’t stop for Jimin! While the members were relaxing, Jimin spoke about how he’s a big fan of New Journey to the West and asked if he’s considered in the “cool crowd” because of this.

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

Suga then savagely said that Jimin wouldn’t be in the “cool crowd” since he didn’t recognize Son Heung Min.

| 채널 십오야/YouTube 

Jimin then said that it “didn’t matter” if what he was about to say didn’t air, and he got cut off!

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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