BTS’s Jimin Expresses Gratitude Towards Army As Well As His Thoughts On the 7th Anniversary

He’s definitely as sweet as his vocals!

Jimin took to a live stream on the 16th of June via their official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, to address the fans. Apart from letting fans know about the progress of their upcoming planned album, Jimin also shared with fans his thoughts on the team’s 7th anniversary, as well as the recently concluded “Bang Bang Con : The Live“.

Jimin, while making sure to put on a mask to promote better health and safety habits during the coronavirus pandemic, first started off expressing how much he had missed Armys. “I’ve come to look for you guys just two days after we concluded the concert. I missed you,” he confessed.

He began by explaining how he had been preparing for the live stream concert, saying, “We gathered (the members) not long ago, to prepare for the concert. Since the songs we performed were ones that have been around for a long time, I practiced while treating it as new choreography, and I practiced performing live as well. We did costume fittings as well, while preparing individually and working on our own music. This is how we’ve been spending our time. Thanks to you guys, we’ve had fun during the concert, and the members were able to enjoy the working process of making music as well. The company’s songwriters are also making many good songs for us, so I think the new album will be a good one. It was really fun.”

“Two days ago during the concert, towards the end, if you’ve listened to what we said, you would know already, but why I said the things I said, was because in this long period of time that we are unable to perform, we really wanted to be able to do so. We’ve been talking about that so much amongst ourselves, to the point where I want to stop talking about it. We’ve also been saying a lot, that since things are not able to go as we want it to, we should not be rushed, and just do what we can. In the midst of that, we are very thankful for Bang Bang Con, as it was a place for us to communicate with everyone and perform, even if we weren’t able to meet everyone directly. So, the concert was really enjoyable. In the preparations as well, it was really fun and so was the performing itself. I am very thankful to the Armys who cheered us on and watched the show” Jimin reiterated as he continued to express his gratitude.

With regards to the anniversary, Jimin shared, “Thank you for the 7th anniversary. I am thankful for you guys letting us come to the 7th year, that’s what I really wanted to tell you. We hugged and shook hands amongst ourselves as well, while talking about things like, ‘if we hadn’t re-contracted, we wouldn’t be able to see each other’, and that we were so thankful to each other, that we’ve all worked hard, and that we should keep pressing on and working harder. That’s how we spent the time.”

He continued to address fans, “Thank you for cheering us on for 7 years and being by our sides. In the future too, we will continue to be here like this, so I hope you guys can just continue to enjoy your time, being happy and smiling like now and like you’ve always been. We will continue to be here together so you can achieve that. Thank you so much for our 7th anniversary.”

Jimin ended off telling fans, “I miss you all and I hope you will stay healthy. Always go around with a mask. I will end here today, bye!”

The angelic mochi certainly touched fans with this live stream, and has once again demonstrated the love he has for Army! We congratulate BTS and Army once again, for their 7 years and counting. The live stream has been since updated here for your viewing.

Source: Daum