Jimin Reveals How He Ended Up Piercing His Ears Because Of V

It all started with V’s sleeping habits…

BTS are officially on vacation now, but Jimin can’t help staying in touch with ARMY. He has too many stories to tell them!


On August 11, BTS performed at the star-studded Lotte Family Concert, the last scheduled performance before their 2-month hiatus. The next day, Jimin went live with fans to talk about the concert, a six-year-old keepsakeAgust D‘s music, and more.


At one point, a fan asked him if his earrings are comfortable to wear and this led to a story about his first ear piercing. It happened after Jimin came to Seoul to train at Big Hit Entertainment.


On weekend, Jimin planned to meet up with V and their friends, but things didn’t exactly go as planned.


Jimin and one friend arrived on time, but V was nowhere in sight.


It turns out that ARMY’s favorite “Winter Bear” was hibernating!


Jimin ended up waiting 2-3 hours for V to show up, but after the first hour and a half, Jimin spotted an earring stand nearby.


Since he had nothing else to do, he decided to get pierced!


Ever since then, Jimin has had a love for ear piercings. Unfortunately, his ears don’t heal well so he currently only has three. If he could though, he’d love to have a helix piercing.


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