BTS Ganged Up On Jimin In Paris…But He May Have Deserved It

They believe in an eye for an eye. Or, in this case, a shower for a shower.

Jimin got playful in Paris, and his antics had some hilarious consequences.


On June 7 and 8, BTS performed at Stade de France as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. They gave fans many precious memories, including Jungkook‘s French serenade and a flirty “Boy With Luv” moment between Jin and Jimin.


While Jimin was singing “So What” to the camera, Jungkook hovered behind him with a water bottle in hand. After briefly hesitating, he dumped it on Jimin, and Jin joined in.


Then, RM then knelt down and watered Jimin like a houseplant!


Before you take Jimin’s side, keep in mind that he probably had it coming. Jimin conspired with Jungkook to give Suga this on-stage shower…


…and he drenched Jin. Actually, Jimin didn’t just drench Jin.


He yeeted water at him!


P.S. Don’t feel too bad for Jin either. He snuck up on RM and did this!