BTS Jimin’s Story Of Going Hiking With His Father Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Jimin has such a touching relationship with his father.

BTS‘s Jimin has a heartwarming relationship with his family, and during a live broadcast, he spoke briefly about going hiking with his father when he was younger.

BTS’s Jimin

In a live broadcast, Jimin and Jungkook were making some kimbap, and they shared some childhood stories about eating kimbap. Jimin shared that he used to go on picnics in the mountain when he was younger, as his old house was under a mountain.


The mountain was also connected to a part of Jimin’s school, so it was easy for him to go straight to school after a picnic.

There were many times where Jimin would go hiking with his father to the mountain and eat kimbap there!

For Jungkook, he remembered that his mother would make many kimbap roles and that they would often pile up like a mountain.

Roll of kimbap

When Jungkook’s mother would make all this kimbap, the family would often need several days to finish it all.

The BTS members have such heartwarming relationships with their families!

Source: Naver Live