5 Times BTS Showed They’re The Best Sons Any Parent Could Wish For

V’s father shed tears due to V’s kind act!

The BTS members have angelic personalities, and they are especially kind to their parents. Here are 5 times BTS showed that they’re the best sons a parent could wish for.

1. RM fulfilling his mother’s wish


Chef Baek Jong Won recently appeared on BTS’s variety show Run BTS.

BTS & chef Baek Jong Won (Center)

RM’s mother is a huge fan of Baek Jong Won, and she asked RM to get her Baek Jong Won’s autograph.

Mr. Baek, I also want one (an autograph). It’s my first time asking for someone’s autograph. My mom told me not to come back home without your autograph.

— RM

RM ended up not only getting his mother a signature from Baek Jong Won, but he also gave her a custom made knife from Baek Jong Won!

Ah, the knife that Baek Jong Won gave us? That knife is really good. They say it’s a knife used for Chinese cooking, but for me, it’s a knife that is very dangerous. So right away, I gave it to my mom. She is probably getting great use out of it.

— RM

2. J-Hope and his sister getting a special gift for their parents

BTS’s J-Hope

For Parents’ Day last year, J-Hope and his sister (Jung Ji Woo) prepared a special gift. J-Hope and Jung Ji Woo got their parents a box filled with flowers and money, along with a handwritten card!

In order to celebrate Parents’ Day, this is what your son and I prepared for you guys. It was a good choice to request this flower box from Heyoon. She is so thoughtful. There are two 5 man won (~$50 USD) bills rolled together for each row so there’s an equal amount for both of you! (In order to be fair, your son and I each saved up half the amount).

— Jung Ji Woo

3. Jimin making sure his father is taking care of himself

BTS’s Jimin

In an episode of Bring The Seoul, Jimin had a sweet phone call with his father. Jimin’s father asked Jimin if they needed any food, and Jimin said that they already had plenty.


Jimin then told his father that he didn’t need to worry about him and told him to take care of himself.

4. V’s touching Parents’ Day gift for his father


V prepared a special Parents’ Day gift for his father in 2019. V shared that he made a song for his father and that he ended up giving it to his father a bit early since he was so excited.

V’s father loved the gift, and he even cried a little due to the lyrics of the song!

5. Jin making chocolates for his mother

BTS’s Jin

This one started as a heartwarming act but ended hilariously. In the past, Jin decided to make chocolates for his mother for Valentine’s Day.


However, Jin ended up burning the chocolates, and his mother was quite angry. While things didn’t end the way Jin expected, his act of making chocolates for his mother is still touching.