BTS Fanboy Jimmy Fallon Added A BTS Easter Egg To His Set

ARMYs were quick to spot this BTS reference.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon has once again shown his fanboy love for BTS on The Tonight Show!


When BTS appeared on the show in 2018, it marked the beginning of a beautiful bromance between “Jim” brothers Jimmy Fallon and Jimin. Ever since then, Jimmy Fallon has become a true ARMY!


During The Tonight Show‘s February 6 episode, Jimmy Fallon mentioned BTS in a skit starring actor Liam Hemsworth. In this skit, Jimmy Fallon mistakes him for a whole slew of celebrities, including BTS. Only a week has gone by then, but Jimmy Fallon has already made another BTS reference!


In an “Ew!” sketch with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jimmy Fallon included a BTS Easter egg, a DIY poster that would be at home on any ARMY‘s wall.


When a fan pointed out the poster on Instagram, Jimmy Fallon playfully wrote back, “you saw that?”.


For more, check out the entire “Ew!” sketch here.


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