Jin Accidentally Flashed His Abs At BTS’s Fukuoka Concert

This rare sight made the crowd go wild.

Thousands of lucky fans experienced a rare sight at BTS‘s Fukuoka concert: Jin‘s abs!


On February 16 and 17, BTS performed in Fukuoka, Japan as part of their Love Yourself world tour. This 2-day concert had many unforgettable moments that were sweet…


…silly, and everything in between.


Of course, that includes many sexy moments that made the audience go wild! As always, fans were delighted to see the return of Jungkook‘s iconic “FAKE LOVE” ab flash…


…but they weren’t expecting to see Jin’s too!

Jin flashing his abs at a previous BTS concert.


During “Airplane Pt. 2” Jin accidentally showed his abs not once…


…but twice, thanks to his intense dancing and his stylist’s choice in shirts.


This surprise must have taken a second to sink in, judging by the audience’s delayed screams!


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