BTS’s Jin Accidentally Stomped On J-Hope…His Reaction Will Brighten Your Day

J-Hope couldn’t stop smiling at Jin’s “misstep”.

BTS‘s J-Hope completely lost his composure on stage, and it’s all because of Jin!

Jin (left) and J-Hope (right). | @bts_twt/Twitter

At 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje, BTS brought back their 2015 hit song “I NEED U”. In 2015, “I NEED U” took 1st place on SBS MTV’s The Show and won BTS their very first 1st place win on KBS‘s Music Bank.

The song is about pining for beautiful but cold girl who causes heartbreak. To match the tone, BTS performs “I NEED U” with powerful dance moves and serious facial expressions, but Jin’s literal misstep made that extremely difficult for J-Hope to do!

When Jin accidentally stomped on his foot, “I NEED U” became “I NEED U to stop making me laugh”. J-Hope tried his best to stay composed…

…but he fluctuated back and forth between smiling and “serious business”.

Watch the whole performance here.


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