Jin Says He Will Age Naturally And Will Not Get Anti-Aging Treatments

Worldwide Handsome shared his thoughts on getting older.

BTS‘s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin recently revealed his thoughts on aging, and how he plans to deal with it when the time comes.


On March 19, Jin chatted with ARMY while hosting another episode of “Eat Jin”. He talked about why he loves Big Hit Entertainment, opened up about the loss of his sugar glider Odeng, and more.


When a fan asked him, “how come you’re so beautiful?”, Jin revealed that he recently saw wrinkles around his mouth and on his forehead during a photo shoot.


Seeing wrinkles can be disconcerting for anyone, especially idols who work in the public eye, but Jin talked about them nonchalantly. He said that he will age naturally, without any “artificial treatments”.


Aging is a natural part of life, and Jin has no intention of fighting it.


When fans tried to assure Jin that wrinkles are handsome, he playfully brushed it off then said that “Wrinkle” sounds like the name of a cartoon character.


Wrinkles or no wrinkles though, Jin will forever be ARMY’s Worldwide Handsome, no matter how old he gets!