BTS’s Jin Has Everyone Baffled By How He Hasn’t Aged One Bit In Years

He’s been outed as a vampire!

BTS‘s Jin is known for many things, but he’s recently added a new title under his belt. And that happens to be his anti-aging power as he’s baffled everyone with how he’s defeated time by not aging at all over the years!

Jin has a signature tweet, where he blesses ARMYs with selfies of himself with the cute caption “Seokjinnie”. And take for example, this pair of selfies from 2017.

And these from 2018…

This from 2019…

And this one from just a few days ago in 2020!

Do you see the difference? Cause I can’t! These two photos were taken years apart yet Jin hasn’t aged one bit!

Let’s try this one more time but let’s take it even farther back. Here’s Seokjinnie from 2016…

2 years later in 2018…

and another 2 years later in 2020!

What kind of vampire magic is this??

If there weren’t actual (and adorable) proof that Jin was actually once young, he may have been hunted down as a vampire!

Long live this worldwide handsome legend’s visuals!

Source: Nate Pann