BTS’s Jin Reveals Why He Wasn’t Wearing His BT21 Character Hat During The Group’s Karaoke Version Of “Butter”

It makes more sense now!

After releasing “Butter,” BTS treated fans to several versions of the track, including an adorable karaoke version of the song!


The group recently released some behind-the-scenes footage from recording that video, and it was definitely as cute as the final product. ARMY got to see all the members with their different props throughout the video, from funky glasses to colorful wigs and even adorable hats!

Yet, as the group was getting ready for the second part of the shoot, Jin noticed something odd. While V and Jungkook grabbed their B21 character hats (TATA and COOKY), Jin couldn’t seem to find his so that he could match with his other members.

It seems as if there was no RJ hat for Jin to wear! While trying to search the table, he remarked, “There’s no RJ, so sad.”

Jungkook tried to point Jin in the right direction to see if he could find his adorable RJ hat, but there was no luck. However, as always, Jin found the positive side of it, adding, “It’s not here! Is RJ sold out?

It was definitely the most plausible reason, and even J-Hope couldn’t agree more with the fact, and it is something Jin should be proud of. For J-Hope, because Jin couldn’t find his hat must mean that they are extremely popular!

With such adorable characters in hat form, it is more surprising that they managed to find so many of the hats because they are instant hits! Hopefully, Jin can find one for their next karaoke video! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: BANGTANTV, FI and FI


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