BTS Jin’s “Choppy Bang” Visual Really Peaked At The Final Concert Before Going On Break

Fans get to marvel at the best of him!

At the “Lotte Duty Free Family Concert” on August 11, 2019 – the final scheduled event prior to BTS going on an official extended break period – BTS’s Jin wowed the fans with his visual game peaking at full bloom.


ARMYs are now left with these “Best of Jin” looks while they wait out the vacation period!


Jin was actually spotted with a new hairstyle. He had shorter bangs – almost as short as his confidence-stomping “choppy bang” days…


… but nonetheless, he looked amazing in them! Jin also didn’t seem to mind his new look either, as he continued to charm the audience with his gorgeousness.


In his snazzy do, Jin was extra-extra good-looking at the concert.


Even when he was drenched in sweat, he managed to make it look as sexy as possible!


Fans are now commenting it was like Jin had been counting on this concert to really thoroughly bless the fans with everything he had…


… his voice, his looks, and his vibrant personality too!


ARMYs especially loved the choreography-less “Fake Love” performance at this concert. Without the intense dance moves, members were able to better showcase their actual singing talent. Jin’s blissful vocal work was more than enough to satisfy the fans!


After the concert, Jin posted this selfie on the official BTS Twitter account and went out with a bang. ARMYs feel they have plenty visually-explosive content to go over and over and over again, while Jin goes off on his vacation and recharges!