BTS’s Jin Looks Unrecognizable In This Viral Fan Taken Photo From The “Emergency Declaration” VIP Premiere

The photographer tried to get the best possible shot…

BTS‘s Jin was the main event at the recent VIP premiere of the film Emergency DeclarationEmergency Declaration stars actors like Song Kang Ho, Im Siwan, and Kim Nam Gil, one of Jin’s role models. Jin’s attendance at the premiere even sparked rumors about his acting debut.

Kim Nam Gil (Left) meeting BTS (Right) at the 2021 “Golden Disc Awards”

Jin showed off his unreal visuals on the red carpet for the event, capturing everyone’s hearts with his charms.

BTS’s Jin

Jin also uploaded more photos of his handsome styling to his Instagram for ARMY to enjoy.

| @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram

And while the idol looked amazing in all the events’ photos, even shocking fans with his looks in a photobooth photo…

One fan, in particular, managed to capture a rather unrecognizable photo of the idol. According to the fans’ posts on Twitter, Jin was definitely the main event at the movie premiere.

Everyone was trying to get a photo or video of the stunning idol on their phones.

Of course, the fan also wanted a photo of Jin. To try and get the best shot possible, the fan asked their friend to take the picture since their friend is taller than them, so they were less likely to be blocked by other phones and cameras.

Unfortunately, although their taller friend did take the picture for them, seemingly proud of their efforts…

 The picture came out rather low quality.

| @prodK0YA/Twitter

Making it difficult to even recognize Jin.

| @prodK0YA/Twitter

Fans can’t get over the hilarity of the picture.

Causing the photos to go viral as fans enjoy these low-quality photos of the high-quality idol.

The fan is grateful that they can at least recognize Jin’s outfit in their picture.

And now have an iconic photo to commemorate seeing Jin in person.

You can read more about the movie premiere here.

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