BTS’s Jin Responds To ARMYs’ Trending Of “ACTOR JIN,” Updating On His Career

Will we see Actor Jin soon?

ARMYs have long anticipated BTS‘s Jin to make his professional acting debut.


While Jin is now a superstar vocalist in BTS, he actually studied acting prior to his debut.

After attending his university orientation, Jin was scouted by a Big Hit Entertainment casting agent. While training for BTS, he had also stayed dedicated to his acting education.

So, after years of professional training, Jin graduated from Konkuk University in February 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Art & Acting. Even after that, he continued his studies at Hanyang Cyber ​​University and majored in Film for his master’s degree.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Still, over the past few years, Jin has remained dedicated to BTS and has only proven his acting skills through various projects, such as music videos and BTS WORLD.

ARMYs haven’t given up hope, though. They still want Jin to star in a K-Drama. This includes actor Simon Pegg.

Jin studied acting, and I think he’d be very good, right? So, let’s hope we see him acting at some point.

— Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg | @netflixkr/Instagram

5 Reasons This Photo Is Impressive

1. Simon’s pulling off the tracksuit look like it’s his daily OOTD
2. Wh… why did he pop the doll head off like that?!
3. The way those gonggi pebbles are hanging on for dear life
4. BTS’s Jin is casually in the background saying hi too
5. Simon Pegg himself sent this to us

— Netflix Korea

Again, the possibility of Jin acting became a hot topic on social media when another famous actor mentioned him. Jin had previously mentioned that actor Kim Nam Gil, known for his lead roles in the movies Pandora, Memoir of a Murderer, The Pirates, and Portrait of a Beauty, greatly influenced his decision to study acting.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Kim Nam Gil was asked about his nickname and how he’s known as an “Old man” because he’s often mistaken as being older as he is close with those born in the 1970s, whereas he was born in the 1980s.

| Cosmopolitan Korea

In his response, he explained that it was given to him because he is “behind” in the “digital era.” But he also added that he finds it easier to talk to those older than him and listed people younger than him that he’s worked with, and Jin’s name appeared.

I have worked with younger people like BTS Jin, [ASTRO’s] Cha Eunwoo, and [Girls’ Generation’s] Seohyun, but it seems I have difficulties communicating with them.

— Kim Nam Gil

So, the phrases “ACTOR JIN” and “Actor Jin is coming” trended worldwide on Twitter.

Yet again, “ACTOR JIN” trended after it was reported that Jin would attend the VIP premiere for the new movie Emergency Declaration. Kim Nam Gil is one of the stars, causing one to wonder if Jin may have a small part.

Even on the red carpet, Jin stole the show

With “ACTOR JIN” trending so much lately, Jin has sure enough seen it. So, he took to Weverse following the premiere to update ARMYs.

Jin confirmed that he actually does not appear Emergency Declaration, unfortunately.

| Weverse

I enjoyed watching the movie! Although I didn’t make an appearance [in the movie], thank you so much to all our ARMYs who came to cheer me on.
Because of you I think I was able to loosen up a bit.
ARMY I love you

— Jin

Jin emphasized that he is still very dedicated to his “main job” (BTS). Yet, he asked for ARMYs to “wait a little bit,” giving hope that he could potentially be acting soon.

| Weverse

I’m working hard preparing with my main job as well so everyone, please just wait a little bit~ (cutely)

— Jin

Previously, Jin updated Weverse last week with a photo of himself in the recording studio. So, it seems like he is currently still working on music.

| Weverse

But since it was announced that BTS would be given opportunities to focus more on individual projects, such as solo albums, the members proposed that Jin would be able to “try acting.”

Additionally, famous director Shin Won Ho, who worked on iconic projects such as Hospital Playlist, the Reply series, and Prison Playbook, shared his desire to cast Jin in his next project.

“Hospital Playlist” And “Reply” Director Shin Won Ho Hopes That BTS’s Jin Or V Could Be The Lead In His Next Project

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