BTS’s Jin Got Annihilated By His Worst Enemy…Himself

Jin was his own opponent in this hilarious water game.

They say you’re your own worst enemy, and nobody knows this better than Jin!


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, Jin and four other members faced off against Jungkook in a floating obstacle course.


Aside from a tiny slip, Jin got off to a strong start, but it was all downhill from there.


When Jin saw Jungkook going full speed ahead, he chased after him — and wiped out!


Jin had no problem climbing this bouncy tower, but getting back down…


…was a struggle.


So was this.


For one brief, shining second, Jin had the advantage…


…then it was gone. Jungkook jumped off his boat, into the water, and Jin had to run the gauntlet again.


It didn’t go well. Jin slipped, he slid…


…but he never gave up!


If a “Most Pummelled Player” award was up for grabs, Jin would definitely win it.


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