“Jungkook VS Everybody Else” Went Down Exactly Like You’d Expect It To

Five on one isn’t a fair fight, unless it’s Jungkook.

Five on one isn’t a fair fight, unless that “one” is the Golden Maknae!


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, JinJ-HopeRMJimin, and V  faced off against Jungkook in a floating obstacle course.


Jungkook rules supreme at physical challenges, but if his hyungs band together, they can defeat him…right?


Absolutely not. What nonsense! While Jungkook was flying through the course, his opponents were slipping…


…and sliding…


…and falling…


…and sinking…


…and faceplanting. (Ouch!)


When time ran out, Suga declared that there were no losers in this game. After all, every single one of them had to defeat the course itself!


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