BTS’s Jin Is A Fashion King And He Absolutely Knows It

Jin’s confidence couldn’t be shaken in Bon Voyage 4.

If there’s an outfit you love but are too afraid to wear, just borrow a cup of BTS Jin‘s confidence. He has plenty to go around!


On November 19, BTS released Bon Voyage 4, a travel-reality show that chronicles their trips abroad. Fans were so hyped to see Episode 1 that they caused the Weverse app to crash, and now they can’t stop talking about their favorite moments.


One of these memorable moments happened when BTS were packing for New Zealand. Jin decided to wear a new denim shirt to the airport. According to RM, this is Jin’s most fashionable look yet.


Jin proudly (and loudly) explained how the salesperson told him to wear it.


He also informed his members that style is a must for Bon Voyage. 


Naturally, Jungkook‘s snarkiness couldn’t be contained. “Aren’t you fishing the entire time?” he said.


Still, nothing could shake Jin’s confidence. He knows what ARMY knows — he looks good in everything!


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