December 2019 Was An Excellent Month For BTS’s Jin Stans… Thanks To His Forehead

Here’s the “analysis on a very important topic”.

For BTS and ARMYs both, 2019 was a year of outstanding accomplishments.


And among all the reasons to celebrate, one particular ARMY by the Twitter handle of @ppupzyy found it had actually been a strong year of Jin‘s forehead reveals. Organized into a graph, @ppupzyy proved how many times Jin blessed ARMYs with his “Uncovered Forehead” hairstyles each month of 2019!


This ARMY, in support of fellow ARMYs, has titled the months October through December 2019 the three “Blessed Months” — especially for Jin stans who are fond of his face-revealing styles.


What’s so great about Jin’s forehead? Well, it gives us more of Jin’s worldwide handsome visual. If the “Covered Forehead” Jin is only 80% his face and 20% his hair, the “Uncovered Forehead” Jin is 100% his breathtaking face. What isn’t great about that, right?


And as Jin’s hair grew longer over the months of 2019, he sported more hairstyles that brushed his hair back and highlighted his gorgeousness. From soft to sexy, the duality that exists between Covered Jin and Uncovered Jin is phenomenal…


… and it’s no wonder why we’re all whipped for the full forehead. So please:


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Source: Twitter