BTS’s Jin Charmed The Public By Being Too Damn Handsome…Again

“Who’s the one with the brown hair? He’s fine AF!”

BTS‘s Jin isn’t called “Worldwide Handsome” for nothing. He’s gone viral several times for being a total face genius, and he recently charmed the public all over again at the 2019 Grammy Awards. 


On February 10, BTS attended the Grammys as presenters and nominees, in style. The members all looked as handsome as could be in their suits, custom-made by the Korean designer brand, JayBaek Couture.


Jin, also known as “Car Door Guy” and “Third One From The Left”, earned a new nickname when he stepped onto the red carpet: “The Guy With The Brown Hair”.


Although Jin didn’t go viral (this time), he still turned many Grammy fans outside of the BTS fandom into his own fans!


Jin isn’t the only BTS member who earned a new nickname at the Grammys. V went viral as “The Guy With The Green” hair, Jimin became “The Guy With The Purple Hair”, and RM drew attention as “The Guy With The Glasses”.

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