BTS’s RM Is So Handsome, Even A Grammys Cameraman Fell For Him

No one can resist RM’s charms.

BTS‘s leader RM is intelligent, talented, and so good-looking that he made one camera operator go full-ARMY at the 2019 Grammy Awards. 


When BTS walked out onto the red carpet, everyone noticed. went viral as the “guy with the green hair”, Jimin became “the guy with the purple hair”, and RM drew attention for being “the guy with the glasses”.


RM’s specs completed the chic, sophisticated look that has contributed to his famous “president” vibe.


In short, RM looked better than ever at the Grammys. So good, in fact, that a camera operator for Entertainment Tonight just had to get a closer look by zooming in on RM’s face!


Some fans have joked that the camera op is RM biased, and they definitely appreciate getting a close up of RM’s dimples!


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