BTS’s “Jin Hit” Wasn’t About To Be Caught Slipping In New York City 

The Worldwide Handsome CEO of “Jin Hit” came to slay in NYC.

Whether he’s in Seoul or New York City, you’ll never catch BTS‘s Jin slipping.

Jin never takes a day off from being Worldwide Handsome…

…or from being the self-appointed CEO of “Jin Hit” Entertainment.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

While in town for The Tonight Show, Jin embraced his inner New Yorker. Holding a coffee in one hand and ARMY’s heart in the other, he prepped for BTS’s “ON” performance in style.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s staff censored the coffee cup’s text to avoid product placement, but why bother with blurring when Jin Hit’s around? He proudly announced the brand; “Don’t I look like a New Yorker since I’m drinking Starbucks?”

Later on at Grand Central Terminal, Jin was worried about sliding on the floor…

…but Worldwide Handsome doesn’t allow any kind of slipping, thank you very much. He danced flawlessly through the performance…

…and covered up his yawning with his own beautiful face.

In conclusion, “Jin” rhymes with “win” for a reason. For more, watch the full episode here:


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