“Not For Sale” Did Not Apply To Jin At BTS’s Pop-Up Store

What Jin wants, Jin…almost…gets.

What Jin wants Jin gets, even when it’s not for sale!

In October, BTS made a surprise appearance at their Map of the Soul pop-up store showcase in Seoul. The store was packed with BTS merchandise, including slippers, makeup, accessories, clothing, candy…and TVs? In true “Jin Hit” fashion, Jin wanted to buy “not for sale” items.

He tried to add a TV to his basket…

…but RM quickly intervened.

Still, that didn’t stop Jin from trying to take the TV a second time!

He was all about buying everything and selling nothing. When Jin roleplayed as a diner employee, he refused to do business with Jimin.

Jimin reached through the window and grabbed Jin’s shirt. What kind of customer service is this!

Watch the video here:


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