BTS’s Jin Imitated His 2-Year-Old Self, And His “Life Motto” Made The Members Laugh

Jin surprised Jungkook with his gaze!

BTS‘s Jin is known for his hilarious personality, and he made the members laugh when he imitated his 2-year-old self.

BTS’s Jin

In “A Butterful Getaway with BTS,” there was a segment where the members acted like their younger selves. While the other members imitated themselves when they were teens, Jin was tasked with imitating his 2-year-old self.

When Jin imitated his 2-year-old self, he showed a charismatic gaze, which surprised Jungkook.

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When asked what his “life motto” was, 2-year-old Jin said it was to “conquer kindergarten!”

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This made the members burst with laughter.

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After Jin gave this answer, he returned to his normal self.

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Here’s the full video below!