BTS’s Jin Jokingly Scolds An ARMY For “Misusing” His Handsome Face

The king of sass strikes again. 🤣

Being born this beautiful is no easy feat for BTS‘s Jin.

He has to be ready at all times to show off his Worldwide Handsome visuals…

…and he has to look at this face every day in the mirror.

Alright, maybe it is easy for him!

However, one fan proved there is one way to “misuse” his perfect face in a Weverse post.

| Weverse

Apparently, having his face printed on a tumbler is better in theory!

Hahaha Jin always sees this face reflected in the mirror… He’s still hansdome…

— Fan

| Weverse

However, his hilarious comment did what he does best: Defend his stunning visuals.

Apologize to my face.

— Jin

If the tumbler doesn’t make Jin look good, then the design must be flawed. It’s as simple as that!


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