BTS’s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin Is Stanning Himself Again 

He is his own biggest fan.

K-Pop has no shortage of beautiful people, but there’s only one Worldwide Handsome!

BTS‘s Jin is his own biggest fan, and he isn’t shy about letting people know it. Whether it’s in an interview, on stage, or during a live broadcast, he loves to joke around about his dashing good looks.

For instance, RM recently told ARMY a funny story about Jin fawning over himself in the mirror. Jin’s own gorgeous reflection nearly gave him a heart attack!

Now, Jin’s stanning himself once again! On Weverse, an ARMY shared a gif of Jin from BTS’s upcoming appearance on You Quiz On The Block.

In the caption, they cutely wrote, “[Jin] didn’t film for a variety show, but for a magazine photoshoot [laughing sounds].”

In response, Jin shamelessly reminded fans that he gets to look at his own model-level visuals every single day.

[laughing sounds] I see this face in the mirror every day.

— Jin

Worldwide Handsome is all about loving himself and loving others, and he’s encouraging fans to do the same!

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