BTS’s Jin Is A Vision In A Denim Jumpsuit — Even He Himself Agrees

All hail Mr. Worldwide Handsome!

In an episode of BTS BOMB, the boys of BTS looked over their recept concept photoshoot for Butter. Jin couldn’t help but pick out the set he felt that he looked the best in. It was none other than the set in which he donned a denim jumpsuit and washed a car.

Well I mean, who wouldn’t love a Jin getting down to rub a car squeaky clean? We’d pay extra if our car washers looked as good as him. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow~ so handsome!” as he looked at his own photo.

Who could blame him?

Feast your eyes on car washer Seokjin!

Not everyone can pull off a denim jumpsuit.



All hail Mr. Worldwide Handsome!

Source: theqoo


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