BTS Jin And Jungkook’s Method Of Avoiding Wrinkles For “I-LAND” Had Everyone Losing It

“I think I asked a wrong question.” – Geonu

BTS delighted trainees and viewers with their highly-anticipated appearance on Big Hit Entertainment‘s joint venture I-LAND. On top of showering the trainees with gifts that made everyone jealous, they also shared some useful advice for them to improve.

Since being super serious isn’t typically their style, Jin and Jungkook‘s way of preventing wrinkles had everyone cracking up in episode seven.

As the trainees took turns asking the group for advice, it was Geonu‘s time to share a pressing concern he had. Whenever he directed his eyes upward, it would cause his forehead to crease, “Since I have no double eyelids, I get wrinkles on my forehead when I look up. How can I look up without getting wrinkles?

Although Jin didn’t initially understand the question, “I don’t get it,” Suga was quick to explain it in a different way, “He wants to stare without getting wrinkles.RM could relate to Geonu’s concern.

He expressed that avoiding the use of the forehead when looking up can be extremely difficult to master and caused some idols to rarely show their foreheads at all. From Suga’s hilarious expression, it seemed like he was learning something entirely new.

I know what he’s talking about. This is really hard. Some don’t reveal their forehead because of this. My double eyelids are hidden, but I get wrinkles on my forehead when I look up like this. This is stressful.

To keep the fun going, Jin and Jungkook attempted the difficult task of not wrinkling their foreheads in the funniest way. Without a care in the world for their images, Jin kicked it off.

He looked all the way up to the point where his eyes looked nearly white, asking, “What’s up there?” Jungkook followed suit, imitating the scarily funny expression.

No one kept a straight face after seeing those two. J-Hope burst into laughter while Jimin and RM brightly smiled. Even Geonu and the other trainees joined in the laughter. He joked, “I think I asked a wrong question.

As they settled down and the trainees tried to give it a try, RM reassured them that it took time to master, “It takes practice. Opening your eyes without using other muscles takes practice. It’s hard.” It’ll be a little more enjoyable remembering Jin and Jungkook’s hilarious expressions, though.

Check out RM, Jin, and Jungkook delivering Geonu the advice he needed, along with some much-need humor, here. ARMYs won’t waste any time turning the moment into the funniest memes.