BTS’s Gifts For The “I-LAND” Trainees Might Make You Jealous

Each one is autographed and personalized.

In Episode 7 of I-LAND, BTS appeared as guests to personally introduce the trainees to their next challenge. While on the show, they also signed autographs…

…and personalized presents for the trainees who have made it into the Top 12.

Here are the special gifts each BTS member gave them.

1. RM’s gift

RM‘s gift is a leather-bound journal engraved with the words “from RM”.

He also wrote a personalized message on the first page, wishing the recipient (Jake) luck, health, and happiness.

2. Jin’s gift

Geonu, who loves to eat, received this personalized bowl set from “Eat Jin“, who loves to cook. It’s a match made in…the kitchen?

3. Suga’s gift

On an alarm clock, Suga recorded a personalized wake up call that ARMYs would love to start their days with. It’s unclear who received the gift, but many viewers hope it will be Ta-ki because he’s a huge Suga fan!

4. J-Hope’s gift

J-Hope personalized a pair of FILA shoes that ended up going to a fellow dancer, Hanbin, who will cherish them always.

5. Jimin’s gift

Jimin‘s gift is just as soft and precious as he is; his “son”, BT21‘s Chimmy. Jimin hopes that Chimmy will comfort the trainee who receives him (Sunghoon) and help him to sleep well.

6. V’s gift

V‘s gift is from two people: V of BTS and his photographer self, Vante.

While in the I-LAND dorm, he took these instant photos for a lucky trainee.

The trainee who received the photos, Daniel, will be able to capture memories of his own with this “I Purple You” camera.

V also gave out a personalized blanket that Jay is thrilled to call his own now.

7. Jungkook’s gift

Ni-ki couldn’t have been happier to get a modernized hanbok from Jungkook that’s just like the one Jungkook loves to wear.

Ni-ki immediately put on the hanbok and jumped around with joy!

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