BTS’s Jin Turned A Fan’s Compliment Into Something Else Entirely

Angel Jin showed his devilish side (again).

If you’re hoping to charm BTS‘s Jin with sweet words, don’t get your hopes too high!


When fans write posts on Weverse, Jin’s tongue-in-cheek replies are sassy, punny, and hilariously witty.


Jin is especially good at poking fun at fans who compare him to angels. For example, one fan recently asked Jin if it hurt when he fell from heaven. He wrote back:  “I’m not dead yet, why are you sending me to heaven?”



When another fan told Jin that they found his angel wings, he playfully told them to give them back!

??? give it back

— Jin


On December 20, the angel trend continued with this endearing post: “Oppa, I heard you’re of mixed blood… Korea and Heaven.”


Jin could have written back something like, “Aw, thank you!”, but no. He said this instead!

I’m pretty sure that’s what you say when you’re on the brink of death…

— Jin


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