ARMY Found Something That Belongs To Jin And He Wants It Back

He’s playfully asking ARMY to return this.

A BTS fan recently found something that Jin simply can’t live without.


Until October, BTS is free to vacation however they wish. So far, J-Hope has flown to the Stateshas made Twitter videosJimin has hosted livestreamsSuga is hanging out with his dogRM is “namjooning”, and nobody knows what Jungkook is up to.


Jin has been roasting fans on BTS Weverse since BTS’s break began. He’s commented on everything from RM‘s sleeveless selfie to Jimin‘s many ARMY “spouses”.

Why are so many [people] married to Park Jimin?

— Jin


On August 18, a fan claimed to have found something precious of Jin’s: his wings.

Seokjin, I found your wings

— Fan


Jin flat-out told the fan to give them back! After all, without his wings, this “angel” can’t fly.

??? give it back

— Jin


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