BTS’s Sass King, Jin, Roasted Jimin Stans…Just Because He Can

Jin’s roasting spree continues.

Jin, aka BTS‘s high-key King of Sass, is clowning ARMYs again!


From now until October, BTS is free to spend their time however they wish. So far, J-Hope has flown to the Stateshas made Twitter videosJimin has hosted VlivesSuga is hanging out with his dogRM has been “namjooning”, and Jungkook is enjoying his vacay in private.


Meanwhile, Jin has chosen to spend his time teasing fans on BTS Weverse. Most of his comments on ARMY’s posts have been 50% wit and 50% sass.

Fan: Seeing this photo [of RM] made me so happy that I parted from this world.

Jin: Is the Wi-Fi connection also good in heaven…


Recently, a fan shared a post about being married to Jimin in a past life.

I wish I could at least see him for real…

What relationship was I in with my bias in my past life?
You and Park Jimin were married.



In reply, Jin said, “Why are so many [people] married to Park Jimin?”.


Answer 1: Jimin is one of the most endearing people on earth. Who wouldn’t want to marry him?


Answer 2: ARMY knows that Jimin is way more likely to say “I do” than Jin is!


ARMY loves Jin’s Weverse roasting spree, so here’s hoping it never ends!

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