BTS Jin’s LED Birthday Ad At The Incheon International Airport Is The Most Marvelous Sight

What a visually satisfying celebration!

BTS Jin‘s fan site @boybe_myth on Twitter recently announced its plan to host the most special birthday celebration for him at the Incheon International Airport.


And as announced, the LED advertisements premiered on the screens at the Airport Media Tunnel on November 16, 2019 KST.

The ICN AMT ads have premiered as planned. Many thanks to the ICN ad representative for snapping this picture early morning.

— Twitter @boybe_myth


ARMYs who got to see the ads run are now tweeting about what a marvelous sight it is, to see Worldwide Handsome Jin’s face in HD, all over the tunnel, for everyone to indulge!


The ads will continue to run throughout the rest of November and well into December, to celebrate Jin’s birthday on December 4, 2019. The hashtag #1204_사랑하는_석진에게 can be used to check out other ARMYs’ visually satisfying experiences in the Airport Media Tunnel.