Korean ARMYs Plan On Going All Out For Celebrating BTS Jin’s December Birthday

It’s about to be a magical month.

ARMYs are, by now, well known for their most extravagant ways of celebration when it comes to BTS‘s birthdays. From running television ads to making it snow in October, ARMYs do what it takes to wish the members the happiest birthdays they deserve!


So who’s next and what are the fans planning? It’s Jin, the oldest hyung of the group, who has his birthday coming up December 4, 2019. Jin’s fan site, with a Twitter account of @boybe_myth, announced a series of LED ads to run around Korea and in Cebu!


The first premiere of these LED ads will take place at Incheon International Airport. Starting on November 16, 2019 and continuing for a month, Jin’s birthday celebration ads — covering left, right, and ceiling screens of the 60 meter-long airport media tunnel at ICN — will run at least a hundred times a day.


Jin’s worldwide handsome visual will be greeting those arriving in and departing from Seoul, Korea — and ARMYs are super excited to celebrate this gorgeousness in high definition.

Source: THEQOO