BTS’s Jin Made The Members Burst With Laughter With His Memory Of Erasers

Jimin even asked Jin if he was telling the truth.

BTS‘s Jin is quite a humorful person, and he made the members burst with laughter in episode 128 of Run BTS! 

BTS’s Jin

In the episode, they played various games, one of which was the “liar” game. For the game, all but 1 member knew a specific keyword. The member who didn’t know the keyword had to do their best to figure out the keyword without getting caught as the “liar.” In one of the rounds, the keyword was “eraser,” and the members began questioning each other to see if they knew the keyword.

Jimin suspected that Jin was the “liar” and asked him to tell some specific features about the keyword. Jin then shared that he saw this item in various sizes in the past, with some being as wide as his body. Once Jin shared this, the members burst with laughter.

The members were surprised, and Jimin asked Jin if he was telling the truth, and Jin said he was.

After questioning each other for a bit, the members voted V as the “liar.”

The members ended up being correct!

V was then asked to guess the keyword, and he had several potential answers, with one of them being “eraser.”


V chose “notebook” as his answer, and this was incorrect.


V was eventually told that “eraser” was the correct answer.

Jin sure knows how to make his members laugh!

BTS’s Jin
Source: Naver Live