BTS’s Jin Reported Some Very Important, But Totally Irrelevant News

Nobody loved Jin’s “newsflash” more than J-Hope.

Everybody has a different idea of what’s “important” and what isn’t. For BTS‘s Jin, this “news” was top priority!


Right now, Jin is enjoying the great outdoors with his members overseas, but he spent most of his vacation inside, playing games and roasting fans.


On September 14, two days before his vacation ended, Jin made a very important announcement on Weverse.

[Newsflash] Bang PD-nim has no appetite, so I ordered chicken alone

— Jin


In reply, J-Hope left this cute comment, hyping up Jin’s “news”.

It’s a newsflash, newsflash!

— J-Hope


Now fans can’t decide what they love more: Reporter Jin’s news or J-Hope’s response! Petition for these two to anchor their own news show? Yes, please!