BTS’s Jin Is Roasting Everybody Again And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Weverse’s unofficial admin is running wild again.

BTS‘s sass king Jin is up to no good, and fans are loving it!


Aside from guesting on live broadcasts, fishing with Suga, and possibly buying a Lamborghini, Jin has spent most of his free time dragging ARMY.


Jin is one of the most active BTS members on Weverse (aka his playground). Whenever he sees an opening, this unofficial admin roasts ARMY, his members, and even BTS’s music! On September 6, a fan posted screenshots from the “Spinebreaker” MV, which Jin choreographed.

This song is the best! Genious choreographer Kim Seokjin – Genius!

— Fan


Jin replied, “I want to do the choreography for ‘The Truth Untold…I’m not doing it because the song isn’t exciting.” Jin probably meant that the song isn’t upbeat enough for his dance moves, but fans can’t help wondering if “The Truth Untold” just got dissed.


Two days later, Jin roasted Jimin and ARMY at the same time. A fan posted this child-like photo of Jimin paddling around with the caption, “how old are you”. 


Jin wrote, “Heol everybody doesn’t know what Jimin’s age is.” heol (헐) is a slang way to express surprise, often sarcastically.


Most recently, Jin took a shot at Jungkook when a fan posted a photo of him being cute. “He’s so precious,” they wrote.


“It looks like his hand got burned,” Jin replied.


Jin’s sharp tongue is deadly, but fans wouldn’t have it any other way!

BTS’s Jin Keeps Teasing ARMYs And They Can’t Get Enough Of It