RM, Jin, And Suga Are Enjoying Their Vacation In The Great Outdoors

Here’s how they’re spending their second vacation week, so far.

It’s Week 2 of BTS‘s vacation, and the members are soaking up every sunny second of it!


During Week 1, RM and Jin guested on Jimin‘s livestreams, Jimin went to an Alec Benjamin concertV kept in touch through Twitter and BTS WeverseJ-Hope flew to the US, Suga spent quality time with his dog, and Jungkook enjoyed his vacation in private.


Korea’s summer weather must be gorgeous this week because RM, Jin, and Suga are all out enjoying it. On August 21, RM tweeted photos of himself biking…


…and relaxing by the water.


He also posted photos of these vibrant paintings. RM loves art, so it’s no surprise that he’s using his free time to visit galleries.


Five hours after RM tweeted, Jin and Suga shared photos from their fishing outing.


Together, they sailed out on the water…


…and caught plenty of fish.


After spending so long in the spotlight, fans are happy that BTS are finally getting the chance to be ordinary 20-somethings on their vacation.