BTS’s Jungkook Is Taking A Vacation, But His Visuals Sure Aren’t

Fans are falling in love with Jungkook again, even in his absence.

ARMYs are missing their favorite maknae, but plenty of Jungkook content is helping them survive this drought.


BTS’s 2-month vacation began after the Lotte Duty Free Family concert on August 11, but so far many of the members have still been communicating with fans. RM and Jin guested in Jimin‘s Vlives, and V has kept in touch through Twitter and BTS Weverse.


So far, Jungkook has been enjoying his vacation in private, but between 2019 Summer Package in Korea, Memories of 2018, Run BTS!, and “Bangtan Bombs”, ARMYs are still drowning in Jungkook’s visuals!


Jungkook leading man vibes are strong in the 2019 Summer Package in Korea preview…


…and right now, this photobook photo is making fans fall in love all over again.


Let’s not forget these Run BTS! snapshots. They’re gorgeous enough to be mistaken for a magazine pictorial!


Many fans are hoping Jungkook will check in soon, but if not, no worries. They’ll all still be here when he returns!


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