BTS’s Jin Has One Habit That Proves Why He Truly Deserves To Be Called “Worldwide Handsome”

Jin’s habit is so obvious, too — and no, it’s not his winking habit or windshield laugh.

When it comes to having a habit that’s fit for the title of being “Worldwide Handsome”, BTS‘s Jin surely has a lot of them.

His winking habit that’s activated every time he makes an eye contact with someone is definitely squeal-worthy.

And his windshield wiper laugh brings out the humor in his handsome features.

But do you know about his one habit that he does whenever he’s on camera?

No, it’s not about his tendency to clap when he’s laughing.

And it’s also not about his hand kisses.

It’s this habit — the one where he stops laughing whenever he notices that he’s being filmed.

Notice it very carefully in this moment. Look at Jin who’s dancing and having the time of his life…

…but when Suga told him that he’s being filmed, he immediately stopped to compose himself and put on his “serious, cool guy” face.

Here’s another instance when his habit was triggered: at first, he was just laughing with Jungkook, but as soon as he made eye contact with the camera, he stopped, even though Jungkook was still laughing.

Again, look at Jin grinning from ear to ear, but as soon as he makes eye contact with the camera, he turns serious and shows off his “cool” side.

This is just proof that Jin takes his title of “Worldwide Handsome” seriously — every time he’s being filmed, he just stops what he’s doing and focuses on showing off his perfectly sculpted face instead.

Consider yourself lucky for idolizing a committed king!

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