BTS’s Jin Reveals He Changed During “FIRE” Era — And It Will Make You Realize Idols Are People, Too

“I was able to happily start things over.”

While discussing how he’s changed since debut, BTS‘s Jin revealed a moment where was able to reset.

Upon meeting him, RM recalled feeling very different from Jin and found it difficult to understand him.

He believes part of this was because Jin was hiding some things about himself.

However, as time went on, Jin was able to share more about himself and show himself naturally.

From this point, RM found it easier to understand Jin when opened up.

What was the reason for all of this? Jin revealed he was quiet at the beginning, but only because that was the concept assigned to him.

Trying to maintain a serious image prevented him from being his outgoing self. Luckily, all that has changed throughout the years.

Jin revealed that “FIRE” era was when he made the biggest changes and went forwards being himself instead just an image.

Because of this, Jin became the person we all know and love today!

Jin shows that idols are much more than their image — Inside, they’re real people.

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