BTS’s Jin Is A Real-Life Bratz Doll, And Bratz Themselves Agrees

BTS and Bratz collab, please!

BTS‘s Jin is known for his unbelievable visuals, even earning himself the nickname “Worldwide Handsome” due to how often he breaks the Internet just by going out and looking so good.

Jin is a vocalist in BTS. | BTS/Weverse

ARMY frequently compare his visuals to that of a doll: specifically, his plump lips that look just like a Bratz doll’s!


Korean plastic surgeons even said that Jin’s lips are the most desirable out of all K-Pop idols — and we fully understand why!

Today, the official Bratz Twitter account joined in on the praise for Jin’s good looks and agreed that he looks just like a Bratz doll.

They even confirmed that they see all of ARMYs’ tweets talking about it!

Fans are flooding their replies with evidence of Jin and his perfect lips!

ARMYs are even hoping to see a collaboration between BTS and Bratz! They’re certainly more than capable of doing justice to Jin and his stunning features.

Source: Bratz and VLIVE