Korean Plastic Surgeons Think BTS’s Jin Has The Most Perfect Lips Ever And Here’s Why

All the more reason to stare! 😉

Three plastic surgeons in South Korea sat down to discuss the idol that has the lips that they would most like to have.

Needless to say, they picked BTS‘s Jin as the idol that has the most perfect lips ever, but as plastic surgeons, there is a calculated reason as to why.

Jin’s lips are what people typically call the “cupid’s bow” shape. The lips must have a clear shape and line but that’s not all. In order to achieve aesthetic perfection, the angle of the lip corners must be moderate as well in order to mesh well with the upper and lower lip. The upturned lip corners are a highly coveted trait.

As for what gives it the bow-like shape, the center of the lips, also called the Tubercle, is the key point. Just like Jin’s lips, the tubercle needs to be slightly protruded with just enough volume.

You can identify all of these traits in Jin’s perfect lips! Not that you need another reason to stare at them. 😉

Source: theqoo


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