BTS’s Jin Roasts Everybody, Even His Own “Son” RJ

Jin slapped his fluffy “son” with reality.

Nobody is safe from Jin‘s lethal wit. Not BTS, not ARMY, not even BT21‘s RJ!


Jin reigns king on BTS’s fan community app, Weverse as its unofficial admin. When posting content, fans must mentally prepare themselves for the possibility of a sass attack like this:


At this point, ARMY’s used to getting burned to a crisp (actually, they kind of enjoy it!), but poor RJ? He doesn’t deserve this abuse!


Jin’s BT21 alpaca is affectionally called his “son”. Like a caring father, Jin frequently brings his RJ plushies with him on trips.


So, naturally, a fan doodled RJ into a photo of Jin flying to New Zealand for Bon Voyage 4. “RJ is working,” says the caption.


In reply, Jin slapped RJ with reality. Hard. “How can a cotton ball like this do work?” he wrote.


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